Multimedia Installation
Students: Abi-Saber Sabine, Arandia Diego, Hassinger Nina, Koch Daniela & Mahmoud Safaa
Master: International Media Cultural Work – Hoschschule Darmstadt



Building the connection between residents and their own environment by sensitising them to sonic and visual elements found in multiple and diverse social gatherings, giving people the space to reflect on their perception of the place in relation to other people’s environments.


Short Description:
During the workshop, they tried to engage the people more intimately with their environment by driving them relate to their reality by sensing it, rather than just looking at it. They recorded impressions of people that revealed their own ideas of sharing, community-building and essential parts of living together. They also collected videos presented to the Dieburgers by people from all over the world in the same format, and included answers to the same questions which the Dieburg residents in turn reflected on. Everything also takes place in a marketplace because it’s actually a place where lives and thoughts interconnect. In the museum installation, visitors and participants will be able experience the collectively-built environments both sonically and visually. Flipping through layers of still images laying in front of them on the projector, they are invited to imaginatively recreate the space they want to inhabit while listening to the audio mix of different collected environments: The piece is made up of a mix of sounds and answers compiled out of the videos of people around the world and the Dieburgers have recorded during the workshop. And while some visitors move about the space and listen to this reworked soundscape of the marketplace. Others who wish to learn more about the individual stories, can put on the headphones while watching the reel and take a stroll into quite a different and curious environment.