Mix-Media Installation
Students: Anum Zahra, Aylin Sahin, Diana Rivas, Gauri Pathak, Lola Morel, Lydia Owolabi, Norhyati Kaprawi.
Master: International Media Cultural Work – Hoschschule Darmstadt



Audience will be able to discover the acoustic sound that made by their fingerprints and they experience personalized soundcape that they made and add value to this performance art piece.


Short Description:
This installation urged the audience to lend their fingerprints in an attempt to create ‘The Melody of Dieburg’. They use acrylic colours to expose the transformation of analog experience process into digital, photographing the fingerprints and running them through a program that read the ridges and lines of the fingerprints and translating them into sound. The end result of this art piece is a sound identity made out of every participant fingerprint. In the concept of wonderous waves and warmth,  a “microwaveman” was also included, in order as metaphora, that capable of creating ‘warmth’. Within the same concept, the Microwave Man will be a part of the iconic sofa and audience are invited to come sit with him, have a chat and even take a photograph and sign the microwave.