Spatial Soundscape Experience
Students: Umair Aziz, Trang Dang, Daniel Driscoll, Erica Price, Lina Roca & Jerni Tania.
Master: International Media Cultural Work – Hoschschule Darmstadt



Creating a spatial soundscape experiences that uses sound to transporte the inhabitants of Dieburg back to special moments and memories in their past.


Short Description:
During the workshop, they confronted the inhabitants of Dieburg with the everyday sound around them. They dig deeper into how they feel about the town and how sound provokes different emotions. The questions create an open dialogue with each person and try to relate to them on a deeper emotional level. In the exhibition, they transform the answers into a spatial soundscape experience. After the workshop, they visited the locations that they uncovered from the questions and then recorded the sound from each person that they interviewed. The sound will reflect the city of Dieburg based on the geographic location. It consists of 4 speakers that are set up based on the cardinal location (N,E,S,W).