Interactive Installation
Students: Mariam Arkirtava, Wiebke Brandt, Dina Nabilah, Angélica Pérez, Sergiy Ptushkin, Kristin Sosanya & Noor Wali Shah.
Master: International Media Cultural Work – Hoschschule Darmstadt



Participate in the real-time interaction between analog and digital. Collaborate and share audience thoughts on the media realm.


Short Description:
This installation combines the analogue technique of typing text on a typewriter with the use of the microblogging site Twitter. Hereby this media sculpture merges analogue and digital elements. A typewriter already put in this exhibition and people can approach at any time and write a short statement (280 characters max.) on the typewriter. The statement should deal with their thoughts or they can use Food of Thoughts (question) that already provided on the table for inspiration. Using a web camera, their written text will be filmed and transferred onto a laptop. Their typed statements will be digitalised via Optical Character Recognition, where geolocation and time can be added. A twitter account created in the name of the typewriter. The statements will be posted there and projected onto a wall. Visitors will continuously be able to add statements to the twitter feed by typing on the typewriter, therefore experiencing holistically the real-time translation between analogue and digital.