Mix-Media Installation
Students: Ahmad Abid Azimi, Hayley Durham, Louisa Hügel, Sanowar Jahan, Camila Muñoz & Kristina Nedeljković.
Master: International Media Cultural Work – Hoschschule Darmstadt



This exhibition invites participants to reflect about their identity while being asked questions in front of a mirror. What they will see in this special moment might not be the objective reality as the mirror influences their behavior unconsciously.


Short Description:
During the workshop on Saturday, they asked about specific interview questions from the famous questionnaire of Max Frisch. This workshop’s aim was to capture how the Dieburg people react to looking at themselves in front of the mirror, as this “medium” influences them to act and behave differently than usual. In addition, they used the interview questions at the same time to explore more deeply who they are and what their identity is at that moment. In the exhibition, they show a film that was recorded during the workshop day at the marketplace of Dieburg. They edited the footage into a black and white video, displayed on an old TV to represent the lineage of media and how media can transforms or influences people’s behavior. This concept of transformative media is reflected by the symbolism of the TV. It provides visuals of people behaving as not themselves, out of character in order to be a character on TV. There will be headphone provided as they want to give the user the isolated feeling and feel more intimated with the artwork that being showed to them.